DEC 11, 1990 - SEPT 25, 2010


Honoring the Legacy of Jessica Ann Moore
For the 6th year since Jessica died, the  Jessica Ann Moore Foundation held a scholarship banquet honoring the legacy of Jessica and her academic achievements. Two rising superstars were honored in Jessica's name.

The 2016 Jessica Ann Moore Scholarship banquet was held on May 21, 2016 at the Lee Club, Fort Lee, Virginia. We were honored to have Jalesa Taylor, alumni of Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) and cousin of Jessica Ann Moore as the guest speaker.  We honored five young academic superstars from our community for their exceptional academic achievements. Two additional scholarships were added to the scholarship program this year, Olivia Taylor Scholarship and the Kiimorah K. White Scholarship. 

The 2016 Scholarship Recipients are:

Alexis Monique Meade - Jessica A. Moore Scholarship
Alexis is the daughter of Penica and Antonio Proiser and a senior at Prince George High School, Prince George, Virginia. Alexis will be attending Virginia Wesleyan College, Norfolk, Virginia in the fall majoring in Criminal Justice.

Alexis has a 3.38 grade point average on a 4.00 grading scale.

Maria Lydia Rogers - Jessica A. Moore Scholarship
Mariah is the daughter of SFC Janice Barnett and a senior at Prince George High School, Prince George, Virginia. Mariah will be attending George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia in the fall majoring in Nursing and Music.

Mariah has a 4.49 grade point average on a 4.00 grading scale.

Justice has been Served
On March 31, 2014, the jury returned a GUILTY verdict for the murder of Jessica Ann Moore and GUILTY of the attempted murder of 4 others including Nakeisha Vanterpool. We thank the Essex County Prosecutor's office for a job well done. We appreciate all of the prayers and pleasant gestures.

2014 - Another Trial Delay 

The murder trial has been delayed once again due to what I assume are scheduling issues. We do not have a definitive date but was told possibly some time near the beginning of February. We continue to be victimized by the judicial system in New Jersey. Continue to pray that justice will be served. 

Happy Birthday Jessica
23 years ago today, we were blessed with the birth of Jessica Ann Moore. Today, we celebrate for you on this earth and with you in Heaven. Happy Birthday our sweet angel.

Another Holiday without Jessica and Justice
Each day that goes by turns into months and years without our Jessica. I listened to so many people say, "It will get easier". The pain does not go away it just becomes the norm.  We will never forget our beloved Jessica and we will continue to fight for Justice for Jess. When you think there is silence from the family, rest assured our hearts and minds are not at peace. We continue to fight this struggle behind the scenes for the sake of justice. Our tears continue to flow and our hearts continue to bleed. The death of Jessica left a hole that cannot be filled. A tragedy occurred that changed our lives forever. When will the state of New Jersey right this wrong? We cannot bring her back but the person responsible for her death has to be held accountable for his actions. Continue to pray for us and we will pray for you as we go through another Holiday season.   God Bless.
3 Year Anniversary Slap in the Face
Hours before the 3 year anniversary of the time that Jessica was shot, some of us were notified that the trial would once again be delayed at the request of the defense. Citing personal reasons for the request, the courts granted it once again. Our faith in the justice system in New Jersey has been tested over and over. They have failed us repeatedly. The citizens of New Jersey must not continue to allow this to go on in their community. The state of New Jersey has proven what they think of human life in Essex county. We will prepare ourselves for a January 2014 court date now.

Another Judicial Delay  
We have been notified of another delay at the request of the defendant's team. This delay will prevent the process from moving forward on October 7, 2013 as scheduled. When will the state of New Jersey fulfill their obligations and pay their debt to Jessica Ann Moore? When justice is served and these two defendants are branded as convicted murderers their debt will be paid in full. We will not go unheard. Continue to pray for all involved. We continue to hold on to our faith. 

Justice Delayed but Trial Date has been Set
On June 27, 2013, Judge Peter Ryan launched his final weapon at the heart of the murder case of our beloved Jessica Moore. Judge Ryan retired from the bench on June 28, 2013, one day after this final hearing. He failed to make a decision that would put some of the speculation to rest. Without a final ruling, the defense continues to have the opportunity to delay this case with more motions before a new judge. A trial date of October 7, 2013 has been set. However, a new judge will be presiding and I hold no hope that this date will be honored. We will continue to fight until justice is served for Jessica. We will not go quietly in the night! I bid farewell to Judge Ryan. I can only pray that a fair and just judge will be assigned and help right this wrong.

The NJ Court System Continues to Elude Justice for Jessica
On May 8, 2013, Judge Ryan granted another delay in the senseless murder case of Jessica Ann Moore. It has been 956 days since Jessica lost her life from a bullet to the back of the head. The NJ court system does not believe it is necessary to bring justice to the victims and their families in a timely manner. This court has granted numerous motions in an effort to delay the resolution of this case. The defendant does not want to be convicted. Well, Mr. Defendant and Defense Attorney, Jessica didn't want to die. You had a choice. It is now up to the NJ Court system to right this wrong. There is a debt to be paid. It can only be paid through justice. 

We sent our daughter, sister, grandaughter, niece and cousin to NJ to attend college and she came home in a casket. While the court sytem is skewed toward being fair to the accused, I ask the question, "How is that fair to Jessica?" We cannot conitnue to stand for this. We cannot allow this killer to not be branded a murderer. We cannot rest until Justice has been served for Jessica! 

The State of New Jersery Continues to Fail Us in Seeking Justice for Jessica A. Moore and the Other Victims
As of today, January 18, 2013, we have yet to be able to get our day in court. We do not seek to try this case in the media. We just want our day in court so we can face the man that murdered an innocent young lady and allow him to be judged by his peers. As of right now, he is carrying a label of accused killer, he needs to be a convicted killer! We are no longer waiting for the State of New Jersey to get around to this case. Jessica's life was valuable as well as the lives of the other victims that this tragedy has forever changed. We are called to action. We will stand up for Jessica. We are calling all concerned citizens to reach out to the lawmakers of the State of New Jersey to stop this practice. It has been 836 days since Jessica was murdered. Justice should have been served by now.
 We will not let our beloved Jessica's death be in vain. The lives of the innocent citizens of Essex County are vastly affected by the crime in this area. A life was taken so tragically. The pain this family is going through cannot be measured. We live with the thoughts of those last moments before Jessica was shot everyday. We and the other victims have been traumatized and tortured by this event. Sadly enough, we continue to be victimized by the judicial system in New Jersey. I encourage you to email the Governor, Attorney General of New Jersey. We will demand justice for Jessica's death.
We have launched an online petition and email campaign to be sent to all pertinent parties in New Jersey. We cannot allow this to continue. I want to be very clear. We are not seeking to have this case tried in the media. We will not discuss the facts of the case. We only want our day in court!

Jessica and the other Victims are not Getting Justice
On Thursday, September 26th, I sent an email to the NJ prosecutor asking the expected length of the trial as we were making hotel arrangements. I received a response back stating the judge had postponed the trial without explanation until February 11, 2013. I ask the question, "What has happened to our justice system?" Two years later, the families and the surviving victims are still waiting for some closure on this matter.  This cannot continue.  Jessica deserves better than this. I think back to an article written in the NJ Star Ledger stating basically that Jessica would be forgotten and Tyler Clemente would be a historical. I'm beginning to believe that our justice system is skewed. The aforementioned young man jumped to his death days after Jessica was murdered; yet his accusers have already gone to trial and the young man has served his sentence. Yet, we cannot even get a court date. This kind of behavior is unacceptable by the state of New Jersey.
Each day Jessica's family lives with the pain; each day the survivors live in their own personal hell remembering that tragic night; each day her friends remember the friend that they loss. When will justice be served? She doesn't deserve to be swept up under the rug or put on the back burner by the state of New Jersey. She was a bright light in a room of darkness. It is not about the two men sitting in jail. It's about the two men being officially held responsible for the life that was lost and the lives that they have forever changed. She was a human being. She didn't deserve to be shot down like an animal and she doesn't deserve to have justice for her murder delayed for 3 or more years. She was somebody. She was loved by everyone that came in contact with her.
Seeking Jessica for Justice !!!! Will the state of New Jersery's officials stand up and perform the duties that they have been tasked to do. No words can explain the pain that we are feeling. No words can explain the visions in my head of Jessica lying in the hospital bedroom with her brain so swollen it has protruded her skull. No words can explain her little sister hundreds of miles away saying goodbye to her sister over the phone as her heart took its last beat. Can we get justice?
We shall not rest until justice is served. My journey has begun. If I have to protest in the state of New Jersey everyday then I will. Justice has to be served. Will you stand up with me and tell the state that enough is enough. The victims deserve better.
Two Year Anniversary
It's 3 days until the two year anniversary of the day that are hearts were irretrievably broken by the passing of our precious Jessica. Words cannot express the pain that we still feel each and every day. We lost our angel here on earth but we know she is with God now. We love you, we miss you and we will see you again soon.
First Trial Date Set
The first trial for Jessica's killers will begin October 31, 2012. Nicholas Welch will stand trial for  the murder of our beloved Jessica. Please keep our family in prayer as we begin this painful journey.  We are looking for justice for Jessica and the other victims.
Choir Stand Dedication
On July 21, 2012, Calvary Baptist Church of Yale, VA with the Rev. Willie Derr as Pastor dedicated the church's choir loft to Jessica. It now stands as the Sis. Jessica A. Moore Choir Loft.  
Second Annual Jessica A. Moore Scholarship Banquet
The 2012 Jessica A. Moore scholarship banquet will be held May 19, 2012 at The Fort Lee Officer's Club at 6:00 pm. Tickets are $30. Please email for purchase information.
A Tribute from a Stranger whose Heart was Touched by Jessica's Story
A random stranger out searching for a car stumbled across Jessica's Dad and was moved by her story. She chose to pay her tribute to Jessica through her blog. The blog can be accessed at . Her blog began with a few fitting quotes: “Courage is simply the willingness to be afraid and act anyway.” Dr. Robert Anthony   “A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.” Christopher Reeve   "Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear." Ambrose Redmoon“The hero is one who kindles a great light in the world, who sets up blazing torches in the dark streets of life for men to see by.” Felix Adler Jessica Continues to Achieve Even After DeathOn March 26, 1012, Jessica was nominated to attend the International Laureate Scholar Program (ILSP). This honor was given as an alumni of the National Honor's Society and her exemplary academic performance. Although Jessica has left this earth, we continue to accept all of her honors in her name.     Happy 21st Birthday Jessica!December 11, 2011 would have been Jessica's 21st birthday. She made plans for celebrating her 21st birthday almost 2 years ago ! Tragedy took her away way too soon but in our hearts she will live forever. Happy Birthday my sweetie pie!Two Men Indicted for the Murder of Our Beloved JessicaOn September 13, 2011, two weeks before the one year anniversary of Jessica's death, indictments were handed down for Nicholas Welch and Marcus Bascus. They both were charged with felony murder, conspiracy to commit murder, four counts of attempted murder, burglary and two weapons offenses.  More information can be found at   Justice was not ServedIn December 2010, Hess-Trigard, a burial company located in Petersburg, Virginia was paid to deliver Jessica's headstone. The company took money for the headstone and never delivered it. In February 2011, more than a dozen customers came forward and complained they had prepaid for headstones and never received them. They continued to get the run around from the business. In February, it was discovered they were operating without a business license and appeared to be taking money under false pretenses.  The business closed without notice and placed a sign outside of the location stating "Business Relocating". The relocation never happened and the bank foreclosed on the property. In April 2011, Petersburg's Commonwealth Attorney charged the owner, Ronald Hess, with 52 counts of grand larceny and obtaining money through false pretenses. The family was pleased because we thought justice would be served. We didn't want to believe that someone could take advantage of grieving families for their own personal advancement and get away with it. According to news staion NBC12, Ronald Hess walked out of court on September 1, 2011 with all charges dismissed. The judge felt his acts were not criminal and belonged in a civil court. He took money, cashed the checks and never delivered the product repeatedly but no criminal act was committed.  The fact is a contractor couldn't get away with such a crime, why did he? He formed a pattern; how did he get away with it?  While we cannot speak for the other families, we are severely disheartened at this outcome. We have to wonder what kind of person would intentionally take a family's money that was meant to mark their loved ones final resting place knowing they had no intention of delivering it. We fail to see how Ronald Hess and any others associated in this scheme can sleep easily at night.  We continue to be strong in our faith and we believe while the man made justice system did not allow justice to be served for all of the victims, one day before God they will answer for their sins.   What Hess-Trigard did was inexcusable, however, there are still good people in this world. Trinity, LLC (Virginia Burial Supply) came to the rescue and donated the headstone her mother originally wanted. Thank you to the owners of Trinity, LLC. We will be forever grateful for the thoughtfulness and heartwarming act.  According to reports, all victims were assisted in obtaining headstones for their loved ones by two local companies.  Again, thank you for your compassion and willingness to help.   In June 2011, Coach Whitney of Upper Merion High School in Merion, PA presented Melissa Kulp with the 1st annual Jessica A. Moore Softball award. The team finished 11-5 this season, ending one of their best seasons ever. Congratulations to Melissa Kulp! Jessica's Seton Hall University friends continue to remember her loving spirit.  An intramural basketball team was organized bearing the name "JAM" in honor of Jessica A. Moore.  According to reports, they played with only 5 players but at each game an empty seat was placed on their bench for Jessica as their sixth man.  The family thanks you for such a moving gesture. Jessica is smiling upon each and every one of you. On May 21, 2011, the first Jessica A. Moore scholarship banquet was held at The Lee Club, Fort Lee, Virginia at 6:00 p.m. We were honored to have Garrison CSM June Seay as the guest speaker.Scholarships were awarded to two local students:Rawn A. Boulden - Dinwiddie High School, Dinwiddie, VA. Rawn has a 3.79 grade point average and will be attending Old Dominion University in the fall majoring in Aeronautical Engineering.  Rawn is the son of Robin Pelt.Jasmine Deloatche, Sussex Central High School, Sussex, VA. Jasmine has a 3.89 grade point average and will be attending Virginia State University this fall majoring in Accounting.  Jasmine is the daughter of Mr. Childuverry and Mrs. Marcia Key.  
On February 26, 2011 Springfield Baptist Church, Dinwiddie, VA will remember Jessica during their annual Black History program at 10:00 a.m.
On February 4, 2011, Upper Merion High School honored the memory of Jessica Moore by retiring her basketball and softball jerseys.  A tee-shirt fund raiser was also held to make a contribution to the Wounded Warriors Project in her memory. 
An Army Honor

On December 11, 2010, a United States flag was flown in memory of Jessica Moore on behalf of Raven Wells while deployed to FOB Salerno, Afghanistan in support of OEF X-XI.  The flag was presented to MSG (Ret) Olanda Tolliver and Dr. Phyllis Moore-Tolliver.

We Miss You
I am reminded of the words of Monsignor Zicardi at the Seton Hall Memorial, "Her life is not less complete for she gave as much as she had as long as she had. God's words shine on selfless love."  Those words are comforting and we feel blessed to have been part of your life for the short time that God loaned you to us.  Yet, the tears keep flowing for an angel that left us too soon.  "Forever in our hearts"

December 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Jessica! From the entire family


Jessica's dad, James, and other relatives released twenty balloons to honor Jessica on her 20th birthday from her final resting place.  She was a soldier at heart and in the words of her dad, she knew the army ranger oath. "I will never leave a fallen comrade to fall in the hands of the enemy...." Fly high our angel. You will always be our hero!

Seton Hall's Gospel Choir dedicated their concert, "He is Risen" to Jessica Ann Moore in honor of her birthday.  It was a joyous occasion!



Dear Family and Friends


Please be advised that I have moved... I received a call the other day from God, and He informed me that my new home was complete.  I knew that my mansion needed some finishing touches and that Jesus Christ had to inspect it and give me the final approval.  On Saturday, September 25, 2010, He let me know that my mansion was completed and that I could move in, so He told me to go ahead and change my address.


Well, my new home is furnished and what a sight to behold, it is located in an exclusive estate area behind a beautiful pearly gate.  Of course, you know the streets are paved with gold and every day is Sunday, just like you have been told.


Trees of fruit grace my garden here and I can walk and talk with my Master with not a worry and certainly not a care.  There is peace here along with joy, happiness and no pain, no heartache, no strife or discontent.  Only sweet serenity and I can sing until my hearts content.  I can dine at the Master's bountiful table and listen to the heavenly choir. And best of all, my Heavenly Father is here in all His Glory.  Oh yes, I have my own designer who has fitted me with my very own white robe and my very own wings. 


I could go on and on about my new home, but instead I am going to pray that you get to move here yourself one day.  Before I go let me give you my new address:  HEAVEN!


Love Always, Jessica


Submitted by:  The Tyler & Giles Family


Greetings in the name of the Lord, 

The Moore and Tolliver family would like to Thank You for your prayers, cards, letter, phone calls, text messages and most of all your prayers during the time of our loss.  Jessica was truly a phenomenal person inside and out.  The many lives she touched did not go unnoticed.


Thanks to my Masonic family in the states of Tennessee and Virginia. - Dr. Phyllis Moore-Tolliver

Seton Hall University
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Whigham Funeral Home, Newark, NJ

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Wilkerson Funeral Home, Petersburg, VA
Fort Lee Military Installation, Fort Lee, VA
Calvary Baptist Church, Yale, VA
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Tabernacle Baptist Church, Petersburg, VA
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