DEC 11, 1990 - SEPT 25, 2010

Jessica's Dream

Jessica's professional goal was to become a Psychologist specializing in helping men and women in the military who were suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).  Jessica never got to realize her goals because her life was cut short by a senseless crime.

District 19 Community Services Board (D19CSB), a public behavioral healthcare provider in South Central

Virginia is determined to see that Jessica's dream is fulfilled and has created the "Jessica's Dream Fund" which will be used to educate and provide treatment to returning service personnel and their families who may be experiencing the effects of PTSD or TBI.  D19CSB along with other sponsors of Jessica's Dream will provide "Welcome Home" Packages to all service personnel having been deployed to combat zones and returning home through Fort Lee, Virginia located in D19CSB's catchment area.  Packages will include gift certificates for members of the family along with an invitation to a weekend retreat for the entire family.  This retreat will offer the family a time of relaxation, entertainment, and a time of facilitated discussions designed to re-introduce the members of the family to each other.

For additional information regarding how to become a sponsor of Jessica's Dream, please go to or email for more information.